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             競爭的實力 !

Literacy is the DNA of the 108 syllabus, adapting to life today and facing future challenges. Should have “knowledge, ability, attitude.”

Literacy- oriented, marching towards lifelong scholars.

Attach great importance to competence and attitude, and learn English to be able to use it in life.

English proficiency is an important ability to help students move internationally and acquire new international knowledge. The focus of learning is to “show language practicality through communication and interaction . ”

Therefore , conditions such as “campus English guide ”,”entering foreign friends for a day trip to Taipei.” and other situations that students may encounter in life are integrated into the curriculum so that students can come in handy when they encounter opportunities after learning.

In other words things like expressiveness, future workplace skills, self-help travel skills, etc. can be the goal of the course.



{素養} 是 108 課綱的DNA,適應現在生活,面對未來挑戰。應具備『知識、能力、態度』。






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